Kitschy Day Dream Extrait De Parfume 50ml

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Kitschy Feels like being in a Day Dream. An extrait de parfum that smells like the state of being in your truest fantasy.

What is it
A fragrance that translates the feeling of being literally in a day dream. Magical, inspiring, fulfilling—this fragrance is packed with notes that make you sigh in satisfaction. A scent of dreams coming to life.

What makes it special
* A new way for you to experience your dream world!

* Fresh, but hearty.
* Just the right amount of sophisticated sweetness

* Smells like a DREAM : whimsical, exciting, and comfortable

Good for
* For being out and about
* Daily perfume to get you in the mood
* Relieving
* For Working
* For Traveling 

​​​​How to use Day Dream
HOW: Spray on your pulse points after shower. We recommend spraying Kitschy Feels after applying lotion for better longevity.
WHERE: Start with your wrist, your neck area, behind your ears, your hair, and more.
WHEN: AM and PM—or whenever you FEEL like it!

Key Notes
Cardamon, Jasmine, Vanilla, Musk, Patchouli.

Top Notes
Oud, Pink Pepper, Cardamon, Lavender.
Middle Notes: Jasmine, Patchouli, Cedar, Vanilla, Muguet.
Base Notes: Amber, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Musk, and Coconut.

California - The Lagoons
Get Away - Mac Ayres
LFT - Quadron
Sam The Samba Man - The Rah Band
Beautiful Escape - Tom Misch

Kitschy feels like being in a Day Dream.
Close your eyes,
and open your mind.
The door of dreams
is always knocking for
you to get hoppin’.

Full Ingredients
Alcohol denat, food grade fragrance, aqua, propylene glycol.

Day Dream is specially made for all skin types.
All Kitschy products are made with plant-powered ingredients and are not tested on animals.

Extrait de Parfum • 1.7 fl oz / 50 ml

*BPOM NA18230600937*