Hi! This is Kitschy speaking, ✨

We start our journey by the time Overheard Beauty---online beauty community started on Instagram----was born. Ever since, Overheard Beauty has been inspiring source of raw, unfiltered, and trusted beauty references. 💌

It’s our dream to create products that make you feel good. We want to create no-brainer products that effective and functional, but fun at the same time. We want you to have fun while taking care of yourself—beauty routine doesn’t have to be intimidating to follow! 💕

Brand Values

Made With Love

We are passionate and devoted to bring you the kindest beauty products possible as we don’t test our products on animals


Our plant-based ingredients nourish and nurture the skin like no others. We have faith in what mother nature has given us.

Potent Beauty

We are confident in our products. Obviously they look pretty, but most importantly they really work.